Digital Marketing Specialist

Team Member Since: 2016


Katey Diaz

Katey has the world (wide web) at her fingertips making sure our clients’ properties for sale are presented in the best light for buyers near and far to see. Plus, she manages our office making sure we are a well-oiled-machine so the rest of us can stay focused client delight.

Katey hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Katey, and her husband, who works for Procter & Gamble, were transferred to Cincinnati shortly after tying the knot and are digging into all that the Queen City has to offer. After graduating with a marketing degree from the University of North Carolina/Greensboro, Katey focused on honing her digital marketing skills. This concentration is what (a couple of years and a couple of cities later) led her to become the Digital Marketing Specialist at DIGS. When Katey is not working to shine the digital spotlight on our clients’ listing, she is channeling her “inner Gumby” a few evenings a week as a Pilates Instructor at the Breathing Room in O’bryonville. In addition to teaching Pilates, Katey spends her spare time rock climbing with her hubby or snuggling with their two dogs Tyke and Ollie.

I can’t live without my water canteen, chapstick or my guilty pleasure – Totino’s Pizza Rolls.