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Principal Designer

Team Member Since: 2004


Brian Gibson

Brian is a Designer at DIGS and a Renaissance man to say the least.

A former professional basketball player, attorney, investment banker and now a renowned Designer for over 20 years, Brian’s clients benefit from his specialized knowledge of ancient art, early English and European furniture and fine antique rugs. Brian’s expertise allows him to combine elements from a variety of periods and cultures - from contemporary to transitional to traditional - to create interiors that are original and livable. Brian believes a home should be softly layered and collected, rather than “assembled” and always a reflection of his clients’ aesthetic, lifestyle and interests.

Usually Brian is busy designing for high-end contemporary condominiums or painstakingly restoring, re-designing and decorating historic riverside brownstones. But sometimes he finds time to play a little tennis and enjoy a little wine. Although usually not at the same time.

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