The Scout Guide Cincinnati, Volume 5

DIGS as seen in The Scout GuideCheck us out in Volume 5 of The Scout Guide Cincinnati! We are so honored and excited to be featured alongside other excellent local companies and service providers. The Scout Guide is a pristine city guide for those looking for a local luxury experience. This is our first time being scouted, but certainly won't be our last.

You can pick up your own copy at stores like Whole Foods or swing by our office to grab a copy (and a cool DIGS bookmark) for you or a friend. Visit TSG website for local tips and features every day.

Photo: RVP Photography courtesy of The Scout Guide Cincinnati

DIGS is Scouted in Cincinnati

Did you know that DIGS has been "Scouted" here in Cincinnati? If you aren't familiar with The Scout Guide, we suggest you check them out for all things local and luxury. DIGS' President + Owner, Jaime Masters, recently sat down (virtually) with The Scout Guide's McKenna Brooks to discuss what exactly we do here at DIGS in both interior design and construction. Read the full interview HERE to learn what drives Jaime's guidance of the company.

We are so excited to be a part of The Scout Guide this year, with the publication coming hot off the press mid-November. We feel that the brand that McKenna has curated here in Cincinnati is a great representation of what the city has to offer. We are lucky to appear alongside so many other great companies, service providers, and more. Our partnership is something we look forward to seeing grow over the next year.

Make sure to follow @tsgcincinnati on Instagram to keep up with all things Cincinnati and to see some DIGS highlights on their grid and stories. While you're at it, make sure you are following us, too @digshome. We can't wait to inspire you and help complete your next home project.
DIGS team photo

A High End Closet for a High-in-the-Sky Condo

We are currently finishing up a high end closet project at a client's home in East Walnut Hills. The end product is a beautifully crafted custom closet and bookshelf. We are also providing new wall coverings and paint throughout.

Interior Designer John Harrison helped our clients select high end custom finishes, including closet hardware from Cincinnati's own Bona Decorative Hardware, ceiling lights from Visual Comfort, and specialty lighting from Juniper. We had the closet cabinets and bookshelf custom made based on our client's needs.

This week we are hanging Philip Gorrivan wallpaper in the foyer. We were able to snap some finished shots of the closet and bookshelf to share with you.
Juniper specialty lightingClose up of closet cabinetBona Decorative Hardware provided the pulls for the custom cabinet doors Let us expand your closet, redesign for functionality, and add those gorgeous finishing touches to make you love the space you live in.

The Ultimate Guide to Paint Finishes

Let Elle Decor put your mind at ease when it comes to all things interior paint HERE. Decisions on color, paint base, and finish can have a major impact on your interior design. These things set the mood for your room.

Take into consideration how you want your walls to function for the room you're designing. Will they need to be washed often? How much natural light will you get? What will the rest of your room decor and finishes be like?

Taking the time to do your research on these things ahead of your project (whether you're doing the painting or hiring professionals) will result in fewer mistakes, potential re-dos, and will have you relaxing in your freshly painted digs before you know it.

Photo credit: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Photo credit: Chad Mellon

Basement Bar Inspiration

What better time to upgrade your basement bar (or any bar) than right before the holidays? Elle Decor has gathered some inspiration for every space and style HERE, from lounge-inspired to contemporary and neutral. We love these ideas and the room they allow for creativity.

If your bar space needs a simple update, or if you'd like to create a brand new bar in your home, DIGS is committed to exceptional service and helping you create the perfect space for family and friends to gather.

A West Village Remodel: Functional and Stylish

A Manhattan couple opted to settle down in the West Village where they had rented for years. Settling on a charming pre-war, 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom co-op, they took on a major redesign.

Architectural Digest has featured their project, completed by interior designer Alexander Reid, who created just over 1,000 square feet of clean, contemporary spaces for the couple. “We wanted something that felt elevated but not overly designed. Alex’s style is a nice mix of elegant, warm, and modern, which fit our desire for a more masculine aesthetic.”

Reid's design aesthetic in this urban apartment feels familiar to design John Harrison of DIGS has created for clients in the past. Our team of designers can create fabulous spaces for you, no matter the size of the project.

The Perfect Chef’s Kitchen by Way of Thoughtful Design

The elegant and carefully planned design of this Kansas City kitchen shows in every detail.

As featured on House BeautifulLaura McCroskey's own kitchen remodel came years after living in her home. Her design "blended her elegant style with savvy incorporation of tools, appliances, and designated spaces to make cooking and hosting a breeze."

We love this kitchen for its thoughtful layout and consideration for every detail. We put the same effort into our own interior design projects and see these ideas come to life through our construction team.

Plan your next kitchen design project with DIGS, and watch it come to fruition, making your home functional and elegant.


A Sense of Order & Beauty

If you are looking for a quick home project that can be done with a glass of wine in your hand, try reworking your bookcases or shelves.  While it can be difficult to get that “just right balance,” there’s no need to complicate things...

here are Christine Kommer’s suggestions.

Step 1

Start with a blank canvas

Take everything off your shelves. You need a blank canvas!


Step 2


Sort and organize your items into categories. For example: books, pictures, art, other.


Step 3

Identify a theme

Identify a theme. Maybe a theme comes to you when you’re sorting. For my family room built-ins, I decided to focus on my love of the outdoors and nature. In fact, my husband calls it my “Cabinet of Natural Curiosities.” Your theme could be really anything at all: gardening, horses, travel, dogs – something that is about you and your family.


Step 4

Identify a vibe

This is different than your theme, although they kind of go hand in hand. How do you want your bookcases to read? Fancy? Relaxed? Rustic? Refined? Sophisticated?  I went for a decidedly causal feeling with my family room bookcases.


Step 5

Category by category

Start to put your items on the shelves category by category, while keeping a balance. For example, if you have a bunch of books in the top left corner of your shelves, try to put some in the bottom right corner too.  For shelves where you are putting objects only, I always l like to work in odds, and prefer threes, whether that’s a grouping of three of one type of item, or three different types of items grouped together.  And don’t overdo it.  Built ins and shelves are architectural elements in and of themselves, so less is always more.


Step 6


Take 1/3 of the items that you just put on your shelves off.  Keep it clean and simple.


Step 7

Edit and rotate for holidays and seasons

Keeping up with your shelves is important. Try hard not to stuff items in there when you don’t know where else to put them, and don’t let the items you do have on your shelves collect dust – read your books, play your games, look at your pictures.

And if you need help call us and we can schedule a Zoom chat

with Christine Kommer's.


The High Life

Pitch perfection.  Reimagine the roof space and create magic in the eaves of your home.  A roof space works beautifully to create a sense of intimacy – the perfect child’s room or guest room.  When building an extension a pitched roof adds grandeur and height to elevate the spirits.

Let the roof shape sing with tongue and groove panelling.

Emphasize the shape with a contrasting color.

A high vaulted roof gives such a magnificent

height to this elegant living room.