The DIGS construction team is comprised of best-of-class construction supervisors, skilled tradespeople, and artisans who have been designing and constructing happy homes for over 40 years. Whether you are looking for a renovation, addition, or your new dream home, DIGS does it. 

DIGS Does it All    View our portfolio

DIGS Does it All

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Renovations & Additions

When walls are coming down, expertise is a must. We manage all types of remodeling projects from reworking your home (or condo) interior functionality to expanding its footprint.


Have you always wanted to build your dream home? We have the skills to get you from imagination to reality on time and on budget with a finished product that lets you live your dream.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you tell me if I should move or add on to my home?

Do you like where you live? Is your family growing or flying the coop? What's on your wish list? Can we just start talking about this now? We are the only organization that's uniquely qualified to deliver an educated and unbiased opinion on this exact subject.  We know the cost, risk, and benefits of moving versus staying put from both a real estate and construction viewpoint. We would welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss pros and cons with you.