Lead Real Estate Agent

Team Member Since: 2007


David Wellinghoff

Following his life-motto “do good and don’t look back” David is very good at what he does and noted for spreading goodness for goodness’ sake wherever he goes.

David has represented over $500,000,000 in real estate transactions which ranks him amongst the top 10 (out of nearly 6,000) Realtors in Greater Cincinnati.

David and his DIGSGroup @ Comey & Shepherd team provides real estate clients with unsurpassed expertise, resources and service plus single-source access to anything and everything having to do with making a house a home.

What’s David’s secret to success? Perhaps it’s his hometown connections. David was raised in Mount Lookout where he attended Cardinal Pacelli, Purcell High School, and then on to The University of Cincinnati where he was an active member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Maybe it’s his natural love of service to others rather than simply selling. Or maybe it’s because David epitomizes a man who has found his calling. Call him and see for yourself.


I can’t live without my wife Lori, my dog Deuce and Graeter’s coconut chip ice cream.