Designer Brian Gibson

Brian is an experienced Interior Designer and a true Renaissance man. Brian’s expertise allows him to translate travel into interiors to help clients create homes that are timeless, classic and sophisticated.

Design Principles

For more than 20 years, Brian has been sharing his knowledge and love of ancient art, early English and European furniture and fine antique rugs. He specializes in finding pieces of real quality to complete or even transform an interior.  He believes a home should be softly layered and collected, rather than “assembled” and always a reflection of his clients’ aesthetic, lifestyle and interests.


Meet Brian Gibson

Brian is a former professional basketball player, an attorney and now a renowned Designer. Whilst Brian is often busy designing for contemporary condominiums or painstakingly restoring, re-designing and decorating historic riverside brownstones he also finds time to play tennis and enjoys a glass of wine.

Client Story

For an art collecting couple, the decorating edict was “greige” to allow their collection to be the star of the show, and Brian delivered tenfold, creating a thoughtfully curated space. The couple was also concerned that fabrics would fade in their sunroom, so Brian chose a spectacular outdoor fabric to ensure fading wasn’t an issue.

“I love working with Brian. He combines an incredible eye and a real understanding of what’s needed. He found a way of incorporating my favorite pieces and helped me through the difficult down-sizing process – transforming my condominium into a beautiful home.”

-Peter K.