Designer Christine Kommer

A trained lawyer with a keen eye for detail and style, Christine brings an inimitable sense of composition and a fresh take on the classics.

Design Principles

With a love of color and a touch of patina, Christine helps clients transform houses into chic and timeless homes. Between her ability to resolve unique design challenges and her sophisticated and modern perspective, Christine effortlessly brings chic yet timeless designs to life on each of her projects.

Meet Christine Kommer

Christine is a graduate of Duke University and the Northwestern University School of Law. Christine, her husband Josh and their four children recently relocated to Cincinnati. They live in an Indian Hill home she completely re-imagined and redesigned.

Client Story

For a busy working couple, Christine was approached to redesign the home office. The space was sparsely decorated and mostly unused. Christine brought a mix of colors, prints and textures while still keeping an eye on overall cohesion in the room. The result is a one of a kind room that has become a focal point of the home.

“It is wonderful working with Christine. Equal parts innovative and traditional in style, she also brings fun and focus to the process. You won’t regret calling her…and then you won’t be able to stop!”