Designer John Harrison

You know you are a John Harrison client when you find you are living
in a home that is a perfect reflection of who you are, how you live,
and what you want to be.

Design Principles

John applies a vast repertoire of design principles and practices to his work for clients locally, nationally and internationally. He is an incredibly talented designer with a remarkable sense of fun and adventure. His inspirations are rooted in New Zealand, Australia, England, New York and Cincinnati – that he has made his home. John brings a faithful love for our city and our region and makes his world, and ours, more beautiful one home at a time.


Meet John Harrison

Growing up in New Zealand, John’s interest for design and theatre took him to study in London. His love for travel took him to Cincinnati, where lucky for us, he set down his roots. John is an incredible listener with punctilious attention to detail. He helps clients find their language and then helps them make the home they want.

Among numerous civic activities, John serves or has served on the boards of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Cincinnati Ballet, the Contemporary Arts Center and Caracole. Close to John’s heart is the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music’s Harmony Fund which John founded to support artistic works that fight hate and prejudice through the performing arts.

Client Story

Some of John’s clients want to be involved in every decision. Some want to be involved in almost none. Suzy and Michael lean to the “almost none” end of the spectrum. It is not that they are disinterested. It is simply because they have so much faith in John after working with him for more than 30 years on homes in Connecticut, New York and Florida.

“I would not use anybody else, ever. Ever. He is that talented,” Suzy says. “And he loves what he does. That makes such a big difference.”

Excerpt from “Home: Visual Conversations”