"How small a job is too small?" "What if I have no vision?" We have the answers you need to move forward with us.

Do you only do beautiful, expensive homes?

Whenever possible. After all, what artist wouldn’t want that freedom? However we have no interest in being the starving kind. We don’t expect every project to be the Sistine Chapel and DIGS does projects of all sorts. We especially love helping first time homeowners get started.


Why list with DIGSGROUP @ Comey & Shepherd?

It's not just about putting up a yard sign and sitting at an open house. DIGSGroup @ Comey & Shepherd agents, have an intimate knowledge of Cincinnati that shows — we're in the top 1% of all Cincinnati Agents with over $500,000,000 SOLD. You will find DIGSGroup agents to be well connected, well respected, compassionate and tenacious. We don't just sell your home, we market it. From online listings to magazine ads and direct marketing, DIGS does selling like no one else, in English, or Spanish or French, or...


How do I know if mY CONSTRUCTION budget is TOO SMALL FOR THE JOB?


We’ll tell you. It never hurts to ask. And we never hesitate to be honest. At DIGS, the budget is the budget, and the timeline is the timeline. So if we know you can’t get a great result from the budget you have in place, we’ll tell you and help you value-engineer a solution. And we’ll be really nice about it.


What if I don’t need a real estate agent, but I do need design or construction help?


We won’t hold it against you. DIGS offers its services in the way that best fits you. Use us for one thing or any combination of all things. We do our best, in all ways, to make your home a happier place to live.


Can you tell me if I should move or add on to my home?

Do you like where you live? What's on your wish list? How long do you plan on staying? Can we just start talking about this now? We are the only group that's uniquely qualified to deliver an educated and unbiased opinion on this exact subject. Right now we are actively buying, selling, renovating and building in the Cincinnati area. We know the cost, risk and benefits of moving versus staying put and we would love to sit down and discuss them with you. 


Do you only do work in Hyde Park? Or do you do work in my neighborhood too?


Have you ever tried driving from Hyde Park to West Chester to Cheviot and back? It’s a nightmare. So occasionally, location can factor into our decisions. We like to spend our time working rather than driving. However, we do work all over the city and in dozens of states outside of Ohio. Most of our work in Cincinnati takes place in Hyde Park, East Walnut Hills, Indian Hill, Mount Lookout, Mt. Adams, Downtown, North Avondale, OTR, Clifton, Anderson Township, and Mariemont.


Do you do estimates?

Sure we do. But first you have to do an estimate for us. At DIGS we believe that the budget is the budget and the timeline is the timeline. So that means being very communicative and clear on your expectations from the beginning. We have a process in place that helps you get to know us and see if we are a fit for what you need. So we will ask questions and get a sense of your wants and needs and then we will put something together for you to consider.


How long does a typical project take?

We love this question. Anywhere from a week to a year.  Thankfully, we do things faster than most because we're really organized.  In all honesty it will depend on what you need. We do everything from helping you find your new digs, to interior design, to construction and all things in between. So your timeline will be tied directly to your needs and desires.


How does your process work?

It's all about quality time. We want to get really intimate… but not in a creepy way. Before a project begins we seek to understand your goals, visions... and you. We explore architecture and design and finishes. We then provide a proposal that can accurately include guaranteed pricing and a detailed definition of the scope of work as well as the specific materials we will use.



Parlez-vous Francais? Parli Italiano?  Parte integral de nuestro equipo en Grupo DIGS Bienes Raíces, Mariza Cohen habla tu idioma.  Multicultural, con dominio de varios idiomas y alta experiencia en todo lo que tenga que ver con tu casa y oficina, para darte el servicio que te mereces aquí en DIGS.