Licensed Real Estate Assistant/Listings, Dorger Wellinghoff Group | DIGS

Team Member Since: 2016

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Maddie Hartman

Our clients’ listings sing because Maddie’s pitch is perfect.

Maddie is a lifelong Cincinnatian and graduate of the Mt. Notre Dame Academy & the University of Cincinnati. Prior to joining the Dorger Wellinghoff Group, Maddie was the Executive Assistant to the Vice President & Executive Director of Aveda for 11 years where she honed her administrative skills. Now Maddie is “the wind beneath our wings” working with our Marketing Department to oversee all new listing prep. Maddie tends to the myriad details that ensure our listings launch with pitch-perfect imagery and evocative copy to present our clients’ homes in the most accurate, enticing and salable fashion. Maddie is also (and always) on-deck and eager to make certain that our response times to client needs are rapid and that the resources we need are always at-the-ready.

I can’t live without my family and a good pair of running shoes!