Sophisticated Living - Sep/Oct 2010

accelerated antiquity

Interior designer Brian Gibson of DIGS furnishes a Hyde Park home from top-to-bottom, while making it appear as though its contents have been collected over years

It is not unusual in highly desired neighborhoods to find countless examples of humble adobes that have fallen victim to renovations gone awry, which have nearly obliterated any semblance of historic character. Fortunately, this historic Hyde Park home has been spared such a fate.

While the yellow clapboard farmhouse with its classic combination of white trim and black shutters has been enlarged and renovated to suit the expectations of modern life, it still retains its old soul, now coaxed out a bit more by the deft styling of interior designer Brian Gibson of DIGS.  Over the years the home has benefitted from several well-intentioned owners, including a hardwood floor proprietor in the 1920s, who laid the lovely herringbone pattern quarter-sawn oak throughout the first floor.  There is little doubt that each of these wise decisions stem from referencing an oil painting of the home in its original state that has been passed along from owner to owner.

The current owner has also joined the ranks of those who have personalized the residence by adding a master bedroom above the existing study, along with an arbor-covered terrace and fireplace, a swimming pool and a pool house.

Gibson had the rare pleasure of starting from scratch as the homeowner only carried over a few pieces from his previous residence.  Continue Reading »