DIGSpeak - August - 2015



7600 Ridge Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

One of the finest homes in Cincinnati. Custom built in 2000 on an entirely private, peaceful 2.24 acres. Designed for today’s lifestyles to live almost entirely on 1 floor. Full unfinished basement w/storage galore, high ceilings & best-of-class mechanicals.  This home is zealously maintained so prepare to move-in w/nothing to do but pinch yourself!

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Construction  Queries:

Has the scope of your job kept you from taking that first step? Have you had a few initial set-backs in your layout design? Not sure where to  go next now that its begun?

DIGS Does.


Looking for a little inspiration? 

Look no further than this months selection.  These sleek chairs have a design element all their own.  Light weight, stackable and the option of having it indoor or out makes this months fabulous find an easy pick! They come in both table and bar height and in several sharp colors.

Call Annette @ DIGS for pricing and availability 513-533-DIGS (3447) They come in table and bar height.


Should I stay or should I go?


The Clash was onto to something when it posed the “should I stay or should I go” question in their memorable rock anthem. We often get the “should we stay and remodel or sell and buy something else” question here at DIGS. It’s a question that requires both a real estate “before and after” market valuation perspective and cost of construction vs. “what other/more suitable property could I buy for this amount or less” point-of-view. One of the benefits of working with DIGS is our unique perspective working day-in-and-day-out in both the Real Estate & Construction fields. We can provide data on the real estate market in the area(s) of town that interests you coupled with your current and future lifestyle needs while also providing immediate input on your remodel/construction project scope and the probable cost to add-on/remodel if you chose to stay in your current residence. Each decision is contextual to your specific wants/needs/budget - we won't give you a cookie-cutter response. Your needs, such as location (whether you love your current one or not), potential to out-grow (or shrink) your space requirements, the amount of time you plan to live in your current (or next) home and other unique-to-you factors all enter into how we would help qualify and quantify your decision. Having a knowledgeable and agnostic Real Estate and Construction guru to help you sort through your options is where we come in. Our years of experience and commitment to client delight allow DIGS to answer your questions - even the ones you may not know to ask.

The grass is always greener...

When deciding on construction and landscaping projects the most expensive (or least expensive) option is not always your best bet. All aspects of your lifestyle should carefully considered and factored before a job begins. While we strongly believe in looking at many options for any project, quality that will stand the test of time is always worth its weight in gold. Take this delicious backyard for example: the landscaping and construction that went into this outdoor living space created elegant lines and a clean modern feel. Would it surprise you to know that the beautifully manicured lawn is synthetic turf?  That's right! Before the project started the homeowners knew their busy lives would keep them from spending much if anytime on lawn maintenance. We sourced and installed this eco-friendly, always cut to perfection synthetic turf to the delight of these homeowners and their dog. The costs may make this not something everyone is game for, but these homeowners knew the long term costs and benefits would far outweigh the short-term expense. The grass is always greener at this home. Let us know if this might be a solution for your love of lawn, but loathing of care and feeding.


Would you like to sell, design or rework your home? Would you like Deuce at your door, or maybe you'd like to hear about new flooring options for all types of home projects?  Whatever it is please speak up! DIGSpeak is a way for us to connect, so please email Bridget at Bridget@DIGS-home.com with any topics that interest you.  We look forward to digspeaking with you soon.


DIGS one-stop-shop approach appeals to people seeking a firm that offers everything necessary to make a house a home. Find It. Buy It. Sell It. Plan It. Design It. Decorate It. Renovate It. Add-On To It. Landscape It. You Name IT. DIGS DOES IT. A proven success with thousands of satisfied clients, DIGS' services can be engaged ala carte or in any combination including: real estate buyer & seller representation, interior/exterior design/decorating and construction services for renovations, additions, kitchens, baths or a brand-new custom home. DIGS works hard (and smart) to ensure the process of selling, acquiring or reinventing one's digs is as enjoyable as the end result. Our motto speaks to our passion for performance: On Time. On Budget. On Account Of Nobody Else Was Doing It.