Female Pioneers of Architecture

The world of architecture has been around for centuries, but women have only recently become pioneers of the field over the past 100 years. Most have worked alongside names we recognize, while each female architect is as experienced and innovative as those names they appear with.

Veranda magazine recently featured six true 20th-century female pioneers of the architecture field HERE. Lauren Wicks writes, "Elizabeth Graziolo, founder and principal of Yellow House Architects, says 'there are not any true women in classical architecture that I can look back on... I know we exist; we just need to bring those women into the light for people to know about them.'"

Women have achieved many things throughout history, and breaking into the world of architecture is just one hurdle that has been jumped. DIGS is proud to employ strong women.

Know their names. Appreciate the work they have put into the field and the influences that can be seen because of them.

Marion Mahony Griffin
Julia Morgan
Norma Merrick Sklarek
Lina Bo Bardi
Beverly Willis
Denise Scott Brown
Beverly Willis architectJulia Morgan